Chinese Medicine and Mental Disorder

Part 2: Liver Function and Stress

Chinese Medicine (CM) originated in China over 5000 years ago. There is no doubt that Chinese Medicine treatments have assisted in improving mental disorders over thousands of years. When compared with Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine does not treat mental problems individual as it suggests that body and mind are link together.

Chinese Medicine believes that our organs relate to cognitive activity, and vice versa, our excessive emotions will affect the function of the organs. For example, Liver relates to anger, as people say ‘liverish’, means a person is easily angry or upset. When explained with Chinese Medicine, if a person’s liver Qi (function) is over active, he or she will be angry or stressed easily. In contrast, if a person is under a lot of pressure or upset and unable to express themselves, the Liver Qi will be disturbed, the pulse will present un-normally in Liver section, and the side of the tongue, which in CM diagnosis system, it represents Liver, often shows dark spots or dull colour. Other symptoms present in the physical body may include poor appetite, bitter or metallic taste in the mouth, uncomfortable feeling or sore in the side of your rib cage, all indicate potential blockage of the Liver meridian. Base on this information, a Chinese Medicine Practitioner may prescribe herbs or select suitable acupuncture points to free the blockage and regulate the Liver Qi.  When the liver function becomes normal, the person will become calm and deal with the stress in a better way.

Chinese Medicine treats the body as a whole, it benefits both mentally and physically, it can assist in improving the quality of your life.

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